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Ouyeel Steel Price Index of China

Ouyeel Steel Price Index of China is a domestic steel Product price index compiled by Ouyeel in order to adapt to the transformation of the domestic steel market trading model and user demand, based on platform transaction data, in accordance with the principles of representativeness, systemicity, stability and scientificity. . The current price index of the Ouyeel Steel is: the hot rolling price index and the cold rolling price index.

Sample selection.The standard sample of the Ouyeel price index is selected in accordance with the latest published national standard, combined with market circulation, steel mill production stability, and the size and trading characteristics of the Ouyeel E-commerce platform. Ouyeel E-commerce platform transaction data is automatically obtained by the system, and the Product market price data is collected by Ouyeel Information personnel and liaison personnel distributed in various steel markets across the country. Ouyeel E-commerce transaction data samples and external collection data samples include but are not limited to the following parameters: (1) trading product specifications, including steel mill name, grade, width, thickness, quality status, etc.; (2) commercial terms, including tax , local Warehouse delivery (from the price increase), cash delivery, weight pricing, tolerance, etc.; (3) number of transactions: the number of transactions corresponding to the transaction price